Securance Staff

Principals / Owners

Rodger Sumicek

President ext. 523

L.D. Daniels

Vice President ext. 507

Debbie Hubbard, CIC, ARM, LRM

Vice President ext. 508

Jeff Presley

VP, Marketing & Operations ext. 511


Luisa Alfaro

Producer ext. 528

Jeff Bacot

Producer ext. 520

Don Daniels

Producer ext. 513

Hal Turner

Producer ext. 515

Randy Jarrell

Producer ext. 509

Lance Hatfield

Producer ext. 512

Jan Bodin

Producer ext. 519

Jan Bodin

Producer ext. 519

Foroogh Naghshine

Producer ext. 519

Keaton Sumicek

Producer ext. 530

Paige Butler

Consultant ext. 545

Jeff Evans, CRM, ASFC

Producer ext. 518

Christoper E. Young, CPCU, CIC

Producer ext. 509

Jana Cheadle

Insurance Consultant ext. 514

Barry Beeson, CSRM

Producer ext. 510

Soroush Rastegari

Producer ext. 519

Property & Casualty


Employee Benefits

Mindy Shelander

Director of Health Benefits ext. 517

Jamey Corbett

Account Manager ext. 542

Sandi Jones

Enrollment Specialist ext. 543

Jessica Maldonado

Account Manager ext. 544

Becky Kruse, CIC, CAM, CISR

Senior Account Manager ext. 532

Jennifer Yellig

Customer Service Rep.  ext. 529

Patricia Batiste

Customer Service Rep. ext. 540

Sheri Burton

Customer Service Rep. ext. 539

Anna Marrs

Customer Service Asst. ext. 537

Tammy Hassan, ACSR

Customer Service Rep. ext. 534

Sandra Schumacher

Customer Service Rep. ext. 531

Libby Steigerwald

Customer Service Rep. ext. 538

Dave Tapia

Customer Service Rep ext. 540

Linda Feld

Life Specialist ext. 533

Hilda Cobian

Accountant ext. 526

Veronica Romero

Receptionist ext. 500

Billy Sedberry

IT Director ext. 527

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