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Referenced Based Reimbursement


Referenced Based



The cost of Healthcare is dramatically increasing, as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) causing employers struggle to maintain cost effective benefit plans.  As you may know, Doctors and hospitals send you a medical bill with no pricing transparency on how your claim dollars are being spent, increasing your premiums over 70% over the last eight years.  


Securance has a solution. Designed by healthcare professionals, a Physician-Led, Technology Driven Health Plan that provides hospital and physician reimbursement based on fair market value. Meaning hospitals and doctors can only charge you for services rendered by giving you transparency on your medical bill.


Medical Bill Review (MBR)

Medical bill review is defined as an essential service typically performed by an insurer, claims administrator, or outside vendor.  

Statistics show over 80% of medical bills contain errors, and due to inefficiencies in our current healthcare system, the errors go undetected. Securance is offering free audits on large medical bills.

Employees and Employers will save in three key ways:

  1. Have full price transparency

  2. Are able to reduce the cost of claims and overall out-of-pocket cost

  3. Are protected from balanced billing

Have you ever done a large medical bill audit? Provide us with the information below for a free audit.

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